Carer Stories

Dolores’ Story


Dolores Robert’s lost her father David O’Brien to lung cancer when he was just 50 years of age leaving her and her family completely heartbroken.

Then in January 2021, she lost her mother Josie to the same disease at 64 years of age.

Dolores explains what having a lung cancer screening programme available in Ireland would mean to her and her family.

“Although both my parents were smokers, mam had quit 21 years ago. I remember being in hospital when she was given the results of her biopsy and my sister and I telling the doctor that dad had also passed away from lung cancer. We asked was there was any screening options available to us, like there is for cervical, breast and bowel cancer. He advised us that there wasn’t anything available in Ireland, the best thing for us to do was to not smoke and not to live in a built-up city with high smog levels. I remember thinking, is this the best we can do in 2021?

“In October 2021 my mam complained of a pain in her shoulder. She was diagnosed on Halloween night 2021 and passed away just 12 weeks later. She didn’t get any time. I worry about myself and my siblings, but if screening was available and we were found to have lung cancer, we could be lucky enough to have some more options. More than both mam and dad did.”