Who are we?

The group is comprised of a small but motivated group of individuals. ILCC’s founding members consist of people living with lung cancer, those in a caregiving capacity and those with an interest in advocating for this disease.


Seamus Cotter – Chairperson

Seamus is a father of three from Co Clare. He was diagnosed with Stage IV, non small cell lung cancer in 2016. Having been accepted onto a clinical trial for immunotherapy, he undertook his treatment in Galway University Hospital. While he stayed on the clinical trial for the planned two years, he received his first clear scan after just eight months and this has continued.

Seamus feels strongly about supporting people with lung cancer in Ireland as well as supporting research into lung cancer to improve outcomes for people in Ireland and everywhere.

Judith Byrne – Vice-chairperson/Secretary

Judith’s interest in patient advocacy started whilst caring for her parents, Eddie and Bernie Byrne. They were both diagnosed with terminal cancer – her mother with lung cancer and her father oesophageal cancer.

When her mother was receiving treatment, no peer-to-peer lung cancer support group existed.

When her mother and father both passed away in 2020, Judith wanted to play a more active role in helping those impacted by cancer and especially lung cancer.

Her professional background is in business and marketing.

Anne-Marie Baird – Treasurer

Anne-Marie is a Senior Research Fellow in Trinity College Dublin and has been active in lung cancer advocacy since 2012. Her role in advocacy stemmed from the death of two family members from small cell lung cancer.

Anne-Marie is the current president of Lung Cancer Europe (LuCE), is a mentor on the Supportive Training for Advocates in Research and Science (STARS) programme from the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer (IASLC), and serves on many patient councils and advisory boards.

Anne-Marie’s goal is to serve as a voice for those impacted by lung cancer in Ireland and promote patient-driven research. 

Deirdre Staunton – Executive Officer

Deirdre is a mother of three children based in Co Sligo. She originally trained as a nurse and stayed in the healthcare sector, eventually becoming a HSE training officer.

As a very active person and non-smoker, she was shocked to receive a lung cancer diagnosis. Her diagnosis did not stop her from continuing to educate others and Deirdre has been involved in lung cancer awareness campaigns over the past two years.

She finds the role of advocate both interesting and satisfying and has been actively raising money for the organisation through her love of drama.

Catríona Dowling – Executive Officer                                               

Catríona is a lecturer and principal investigator in the Department of Medicine at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI).

Catríona has her own lung cancer research lab located in the Beaumont/RCSI Cancer Centre.

Losing her aunt to cancer fuelled a desire in Catríona to understand the disease in great depth. Having experienced the devastating impact of cancer, her hope is that her research will make a difference to patients’ lives.

Tracy Byrne – Executive Officer     

In 2019 at the age of 35, she was diagnosed with non-smoking-related lung cancer.

Tracy quickly realised there were very limited resources for people with lung cancer in Ireland, which led her to help establish the ILCC.

Tracy is passionate about raising awareness for lung cancer to try and remove the stigma attached to it, advocate for treatments and continued lung cancer research, advise people of the symptoms of lung cancer and to ensure there is support for all people with lung cancer and caregivers in Ireland.

Tracy has been living with lung cancer since her diagnosis and continues with her treatment to manage the disease

Bronwyn Carpenter – Executive Officer                                              

At the age of 31 Bronwyn was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer.

As she was a healthy never-smoker and did not experience the typical symptoms associated with lung cancer, the diagnosis came as a huge shock. She has been treated with a targeted therapy since her diagnosis in 2020.

Bronwyn is proud to be a member of the ILCC, helping to raise much-needed awareness about lung cancer and tackling the stigma that surrounds the disease.

Bronwyn believes people with lung cancer deserve greater support, empathy and equality in research funding, treatment and screening.

Maeve O’Sullivan – Executive Officer                                               

Maeve is currently the Executive Officer of Lung Cancer Europe and brings a wealth of experience and strong commitment in advocating for individuals and their families affected by lung cancer. She has over 20 years’ experience holding diverse positions in healthcare, from clinical nursing to leadership management, providing her with a valuable perspective on the needs of individuals throughout the lung cancer diagnostic and treatment process.

Maeve passionately believes in empowering individuals to advocate for themselves, as well as a focus on influencing policy and decisions crucial in driving positive change for lung cancer care, support services and research to improve outcomes for those affected by the disease.